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The aim of this site is to photograph the headstones in the cemetery and make them accessible to all. Deterioration and the effects of weathering are an inevitable part of the history of a headstone and, so for many, their inscriptions may well be unreadable. Many graves are well tended and this may well be reflected in any photograph of that headstone.

Given the number of graves (in the thousands) in this cemetery, it may take some years to complete this task, so it will be tackled by recording a section of the cemetery at a time. It is also an active cemetery, so that new headstones will appear each year. This means that the contents will be continually added over time. The current position is that sections B,C, I and O of the cemetery, some 1000 graves, have been published here.

Monuments mark the final resting place of people whatever their origins and status. The materials, design, craftsmanship and inscriptions of these monuments are a rich and irreplaceable repository of information that connects us with previous generations and their history. They continue to be objects of respect but unfortunately, many monuments are also neglected. Deterioration and the effects of weathering are an inevitable part of the history of a monument.

Liverpool Road Cemetery is located between Ainsdale and Birkdale, two villages south of Southport. The cemetery along with Ainsdale Golf Course separates Birkdale from Ainsdale.

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