The photographs of graves taken in the cemetery are now being recorded on the Billiongraves website. This will aid linking graves to family tree searches. These graves are searchable in the home screen.

Previously, photographs of graves were published only on this website. There are around 300 graves searchable here, which have yet to be recorded in Billiongraves. You can try to find a grave by searching the table below.    If you select 'view', their grave photograph and inscription will be shown on a new page.

If you cannot find the grave in the search below, try searching in the home screen.


These are images of the headstones which mention someone that has died in service to their country. You can magnify the image (by clicking on the magnifier icon) and then scroll through the images for a slideshow. Alternatively, you can press on the link icon to show the headstone, with its text, on a separate page.